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Ribbons Galore, But This Year's Awards Need More

March 12, 2024

Stacks of ribbons, boxes of trophies - you've got the basics covered for the county fair's award ceremony. But do those standard awards really have that special oomph that make winners feel absolutely honored? If kids are tossing their trophies in the hall closet the minute they get home, it may be time to rethink how you recognize your fair's biggest stars.

Winning a top prize should feel like a major achievement - the culmination of hard work, passion, and show-stopping talent. Whether you're crowning the county's best apple pie or its most impressive barn animal, putting thought into meaningful awards creates amazing memories. And isn't that what feel-good fair experiences are all about?

This year, level up your award game so winners do celebratory dances in their prize ribbons instead of stashing them out of sight. We're dishing out ideas to make your awards truly unforgettable...the good kind that recipients will treasure for years and years.

Make 'Em Keepsakes with Personal Touches

Imagine opening up a blue ribbon box and finding a handwritten congratulatory note tucked inside. Or receiving a trophy with your name delicately engraved onto a glittering silver plate. Suddenly an everyday award packs a punch!

Little personal touches make winners feel extra special and recognized for their individuality. Engrave a fun nickname or motivational quote onto each award. Include customized congratulatory cards with space to jot down how each person's hard work inspired you. These seemingly small additions create major sentimental value.

Customize award designs by working with a vendor, like Fair Publishing, to bring your wildest ideas to life. Make customized rosettes for the poultry contest's top ranch rangers or sleek, modern trophies for the lawnmower racing champions. Go big on important anniversary year awards too with luxurious materials or XXL sizes that are selfie-worthy. Which brings us to...

Snap, Post, Get 'Gram-tastic Shots of the Glory

When Becky Jane takes home her life-size "Best Fluffernutter Sandwich" trophy, you better believe she's going to want to broadcast her cloud-like lunchtime masterpiece far and wide. Make your most impressive awards photographer and social media ready for those "look mom, I made it!" moments.

Set up a fun photo backdrop or step-and-repeat wall with your fair's branding for winners to pose in front of with their loot. Fix up a special podium or platform area for the most major awards. Good lighting and space for friends and family to snap pics makes capturing priceless memories a breeze.

Lean into the power of digital sharing and set up a custom hashtag, TikTok or Instagram account for the awards ceremony. Cue the influencer-approved uploads of your best awards alongside smiling champs shouting out their hometown fair's greatness!

Share the Stories Behind the Champions

Sure, seeing little Timmy holding up his cerulean 'Best Beets' ribbon may be totally adorable. But hearing Timmy's journey perfecting his prizewinning beets from humble beginnings as a veggie-despising 5-year-old? Now that's the real heartwarming stuff award ceremonies are made for.

During your awards ceremony, take time to share a quick background or anecdote about each big winner. Maybe it's the grit and determination of an 80-year-old flower farmer or the charitable giving of a young 4-H'er. Putting faces and personalities to those names makes victories even more meaningful.

Cue up a slideshow, short video clips, or have charismatic MCs give play-by-play commentary about winners' stories to draw audiences in. Now you've created inspirational, goosebump-worthy moments AND glowing social media content to promote your fair's heart and soul!

Embrace Your Fair's Roots and Rally Community Pride

Think beyond just naming categories like "Best Pecan Pie" or "Grand Champion Steer" - use custom awards to pay homage to your fair's rich history and rally everyone's hometown pride.

Design awards that reflect the people, places and traditions that make your fair special. Commission trophies shaped like your county's iconic wooden mill or 200-year-old oak tree. Name prizes after beloved former 4-H advisors or founding fair families. Incorporate your town's vintage color palette or symbolic imagery into award ribbons.

By connecting prizes to your fair's deep-rooted legacies, you're not just handing out accolades - you're celebrating entire communities. And in an age of crowds cheering for sports teams across the country, being homegrown hometown heroes means so much more.

Making your fair's awards meaningful is the special sauce for cooking up unforgettable, treasured experiences that keep people coming back year after year after year. And who better to whip up a delicious batch of prize-winning ideas than the pros at Fair Publishing?

Our team has spent decades dreaming up custom awards for every occasion - from unique designs and quality craftsmanship down to tiny personalized touches. Dream up your wildest award ideas, no matter how big, glitzy, or unconventional, and we'll manifest them into stunning reality.

So brush off those shelves stacked with generic trophies of years past. This year's county fair awards deserve the VIP treatment that turns participants into hometown legends. After your big event, let's connect so we can cook up award-winning plans for next year's festivities. One taste, and you'll never settle for anything less than the most meaningful prizes around!

When you're ready to plan for your next event, we are here to help! Give us a call or visit our website to connect. 

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