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Don’t Lose Your Head: Plan Events Ahead Instead!

October 10, 2023


Why plan events at the last minute and lose your head when you can plan ahead instead, allowing you to keep your cool and save money, too? 

When you tackle event planning with no time to spare, you risk forgetting key components. You also may find you’re unable to secure must-have materials for the big day like custom awards, posters, decorations, and tickets. 

The tailspin and subsequent crash and burn results are inevitable — and also 100% avoidable!

Planning with plenty of lead time gives you ample opportunity to think of everything you need to do and everyone you need to contact in order for the event to go off with  a bang. Need customized ribbons? You’ll have the turnaround time needed for their creation. 

Advance planning also allows you to maximize your budget’s potential. When you have time to search for savings and you hit the jackpot, for example, you can free up funds and keep the event under budget — or even treat event attendees to perks you couldn’t previously afford!


At Fair Publishing, it’s our pleasure to make your search for savings easy. With our early bird discounts, saving money is just a matter of placing your order in time. 

For example, when you purchase promotional products from our catalog for your county fair, car show, or school event anytime during the month of October, we’ll give you a 20% discount on your order. You’ll get your event planning ducks in a row early and save moola while doing so!

Sounds pretty good, right?

If you glance at the calendar and find it’s already November, don’t let it ruffle your feathers. In honor of Turkey Day, we’re prepared to offer an early bird discount of 15% on your order all month long.

We won’t leave you hanging in December either — with a 10% discount on your order, you’ll have another reason to celebrate during this festive time of year!


Today’s as good as any to get started planning your big event. In fact, today is better than tomorrow because today’s discounts are better than tomorrow’s — at least when tomorrow ends up being a day in November or December. 

Take a look at our catalog and envision what you want your event to look like when it finally rolls around. What do you see? 

Do you see awards? 





Table decorations (that your guests will talk about for days afterward? For days! Literally!) 

At Fair Publishing, we’ve got you covered. You can order all of these things and more to elevate your event to the next level. 

So avoid the headache of last minute planning, and get rewarded with a hefty discount on everything you order. 

When you start planning today, you ensure your order will be ready well ahead of schedule, meaning you can savor the fruits of planning ahead instead of losing your head. Click “Start Planning” at the top of our website to set things in motion. You’ll be glad you did — and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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