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Beyond Winning: How Awards Empower Us

September 11, 2023

Whether it’s a “Best in Show” ribbon at a county fair, a certificate presented to a child at school, or a trophy won at a car show, awards impact recipients in profound ways. Their impact is not limited to winners either—even runner-ups reap the rewards of being challenged!

But what does that impact look like? 

First and foremost, awards are inspirational, compelling people of all ages to do great things. When the prospect of winning an award or being recognized in some way looms before us, we are motivated to aim higher, challenged to try harder, and compelled to carry on when we might otherwise quit. 

Awards empower us to explore and realize our potential. We may set out to win an award, but secretly wonder if we have what it takes to triumph in the end. Sometimes when we aspire for greatness we find that we are capable of more than we ever dreamed—something that’s a win even if it doesn’t lead to an award!

To be recognized for an accomplishment, a prize-winning pony, or for perfect attendance, is to be seen and appreciated. All people want and need to be noticed. A first-place ribbon at a fair is a self-esteem boost and a reason for parents and peers to feel proud, too. For a lot of people, even honorable mention ribbons satisfy the need to be noticed. “You participated,” they say, “and we’re so glad you did!” When it comes to awards, even the least prestigious ones can make people feel great!

People who have been honored with awards tend to try to replicate their success in the future because they want to make their counties, schools, organizations, and peers proud all over again. They also outperform their peers because, having been recognized for their achievements, they are confident that their actions have value—that what they are doing will amount to something worthwhile once again. In this way awards reinforce positives, inviting repeats and daring recipients to aspire to greatness again.

Awards also foster a sense of inclusion for recipients. When a child is recognized in school for contributing to the classroom in a positive way, it makes him feel like he belongs. His award makes him feel like he has an important part to play in his class, and it’s something he can hang on his wall and be reminded of every day. 

The joy that comes with awards and recognition is also contagious. People enjoy cheering one another on almost as much as they enjoy winning! Schools and organizations that regularly recognize people keep these positive feelings flowing, which in turn creates a culture where people feel like they count—a win for everyone involved!

If you are thinking about stepping up your award game, whether your work involves county fairs, event planning, or schools, we would love to help you motivate and inspire people with our ribbons, rosettes, plaques, and trophies. Click “Start Planning” here to get the ball rolling. We will be in touch soon after to talk with you about customized designs, materials, and messages that will enhance the value and prestige of the accolades you plan to offer recipients. We look forward to hearing from you!

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