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Event Planning Made Easy: 10 Steps to Success

June 29, 2023

The best events have an effortlessness about them that is, oddly, a product of effort. They appear to be planned by professionals—smooth operators who know how to iron out kinks before they can arise. 

The truth, however, is anyone can plan a successful event, including you! 

For instance, if you’re in charge of a standard fair, livestock, or horse show at your local county fair this season, there’s a few tips you may find useful in the steps below.

Start the planning process today by beginning with the first of the following ten steps:

1.) Identify event objectives and plot out a plan that will help you achieve them.

Envision what you aim to achieve with the event. Then identify the elements your event needs to include to satisfy your objectives. Plot out a plan for the event that includes these elements, all the while asking, “Is this an event I would attend?” 

2.) Create a budget that covers all expenses and stick to it!

Start by identifying every foreseeable associated cost, including venue, food, music, door prizes, equipment rental (PA system, karaoke setup, chocolate fountain, etc.), promo materials, and awards (plaques, ribbons, trophies, etc.). For example, if you’re an educator planning ahead, now is the time to get your budget in line to make sure you have plenty leftover for classroom awards you’re planning on distributing in the 2023-2024 school year.

3.) Select the right venue location and date.

Choose a venue that fits your budget, meets your needs for seating and space, and is easily accessible for attendees. When it comes to selecting the right date, review your organization’s calendar, steer clear of holidays, and ask potential attendees to select the best dates from a list of supplied options.

4.) Draw up a timeline that details all event-related deadlines, and craft an itinerary for the event.

Being mindful of deadlines will help you stay on top of the planning process. Mapping out an itinerary detailing times for the event’s various activities will help you accomplish your objectives and prevent your programming from going beyond the allotted time. 

5.) Find the right team to help you organize the event.

Delegate tasks to people you trust, and who likewise have an interest in the event’s success. This will help you avoid burnout and give purpose to those you enlist.

6.) Anticipate any potential challenges and risks.

If you’re concerned about securing caterers, DJs, or your preferred venue, or you want to ensure you give manufacturers of awards and promotional materials time to create items, it’s never too early to line things up and lock them down.

7.) Create an effective promotional strategy to attract attendees.

If it’s a company-wide event with an awards ceremony, build awareness via internal email, the company’s social media feed, and flyers. Hammer home the message that you plan to recognize people for their hard work—they will listen.

8.) Develop creative and engaging programming for the event.

Once you attract attendees, give them a reason to stay. Engage them with compelling content, using live music, games that involve attendee participation, creative visual aids, the promise of a decadent dessert, and prizes.

9.) Build successful partnerships with sponsors and partners.

Enlist partners and sponsors whose interests align with yours so they will be more likely to help with future events, too. Make their contributions to the event apparent by listing them on all promotional materials.

10.) Measure the success of the event and learn from any aspects needing improvement.

Jot down the successes and shortcomings of the event immediately after it ends—while it’s all fresh. Doing this ensures you can repeat successes and dodge disasters when planning future events!

Why not start planning your event today? With these ten steps, your efforts will result in a seemingly effortless event that wows everyone! 

At Fair Publishing, we would love to help you with that wow factor. If you place an order with us early in the planning process, we can provide you with customized awards for your event. Click “Start Planning” on our website to set the process in motion. With your planning and our made-to-order awards, your event will be an unforgettable one!

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