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Attend A Local Convention And Meet Us!

October 27, 2022

Convention season has arrived! We are thrilled to be attending a huge list of great conventions, and we want to share not only our locations but tips to make the most of the season. As we enter the final quarter of 2022, this is a great time to plan ahead for the 2023/24 event circuit. There is plenty of lead time and much to gain from early planning.

Plan Ahead

If you know the details for your events for the following year, you can place your order and cross that task off the list. You may feel daunted trying to forecast quantities, but there is support. The friendly folks at Fair Publishing have the experience on which you can rely. Lean on your representatives who can guide you about estimating quantities, placing orders, and figuring out your upcoming event needs. You don’t have to plan alone. 

Happy To Help

The folks who work at Fair Publishing and attend the conventions share the same desire to create the best event for you as possible. We believe in our ability to help shape the outcome of successful events by offering unparalleled customer support, products, and benefits to working with us. We want to make your job easier and your event successful.

When you stop and talk with us at any of the conventions, below, you can expect courteous, enthusiastic, and committed folks who want to have conversations about your event needs. Let’s discuss the types of events you are planning, share ideas for ordering, and even offer tips that broaden and expand early planning efforts into a full timeline.

Our Convention Circuit

So, come on by! Stop in and chat with us about the ways we can work together to plan the best event! Catch us at any of the following locations:

  1. NAE4-HYDP (Madison, WI) Oct. 11-13
  2. Washington State Fairs Association Oct. 20-22
  3. Maryland Association of Agricultural Fairs & Shows Nov. 4-6
  4. IAFE (Indianapolis, IN) Nov. 27-30
  5. Indiana Association of Fairs Jan. 6-8
  6. Wisconsin Association of Fairs Jan. 9-12
  7. Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions Jan. 12-14
  8. Ohio Fair Managers Association Jan. 12-15
  9. New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs Jan. 13-16
  10. Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs Jan. 17-22

See You There!

We are excited to talk with you! You will notice right away that we have your best interests in mind; to us, a well-planned event means we succeeded in meeting our customers’ needs. We want to learn more about your event, your ordering expectations, and any other ways we can help you plan. We are here to help! Join us at any of the conventions or contact us today for more details about the ways we can meet with you to start planning your upcoming event.

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