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The Earliest Bird Gets The Most!

September 06, 2022

We like to say that a good event goes on without a hitch, but what are those hitches we’re so relieved to avoid? In planning events, it can be so many things, but the common thread throughout is timing. It’s all about timing. With plenty of time at your disposal, it’s possible to prevent major hitches, so get started planning early and avoid the following:

Supply Chain Disruptions

It’s a different world now, in which expectations for smooth deliveries is no longer the norm. From driver shortages to issues with material scarcity, it’s tougher to get the things we need for an event. When you wait until the last minute or even to the appropriate time as it was before, it’s possible that you will experience a disruption. Just-in-time things must be thought about well before they are needed, and the new process requires you to order early just-in-case.

Delays, Delays, Delays

Delays are never good when you have an event to plan. When something is late, from tickets to trophies, then everything related to that piece of the puzzle is harder to manage. The delays form a chain reaction, and soon you are behind on everything! You end up in a scramble at the last minute, and that’s never a good feeling. To avoid any delays, plan early and cement your dates.

Missing Out On Money

Late charges and rush fees are real drains on your budget. Conversely, you can actually make money by paying attention to special offers extended to early planning. Many companies have discounts for the early bird, so you get to take advantage of major savings when you plan ahead. At Fair Publishing, we offer discounts for the early birds who contact us during the dates below, and you’ll see that the earlier, the better!

September 15 – October 15                  25%
October 16 – November 30                   20%
December 1 – December 31                  10%

Losing Sleep

Scrambling last minute, missing due dates and deadlines, and feeling frazzled dealing with your event makes for a stressful experience. There is nothing worse than a deadline looming and pieces missing to make it happen. More than anything, early planning grants you peace of mind. You can form a plan now and add in everything you need to meet your deadline. Early planning gives you the advantage to see the year ahead and mark important dates. There is no reason to wait until closer to the event to get your order on the books; call early to get the advantage in priority inventory and early bird discounts. If you know your event will be in the upcoming year, there is no reason to wait. 

Forming Your Plan

So, get your planning started! Start by formalizing a plan that gathers all the necessary items you will need, people you will contact, and due dates you will establish. At Fair Publishing, we’re here to help and look forward to getting started! We will talk over your event needs and give you ideas so that you can take advantage of our early bird discounts. It’s not too early to get your orders ready!

Start planning today with a simple click, and plan early to avoid hitches so that you create a successful and even budget-conscious event!

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