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Why Plan Your Upcoming Event Sooner Rather Than Later

July 12, 2022

Your event this year may be over, you have managed countless details and overseen all deadlines, and now it’s time to rest. However, don’t rest too long; this is the perfect time to start thinking about and planning for next year. 

Advantages To Planning Ahead

 It may be tempting to shove everything into a box only to pull it out again for next year’s event. Unfortunately, out of sight and out of mind might cause you to scramble if that box doesn’t hold all the answers to fit the new year and variables. 

Each year, there are slight changes that might require tweaks or adjustments to your plans. If you wait until the last minute or until the event is close, you miss the opportunity to efficiently and thoroughly prepare.

Early Planning Makes A Better Future

Here are a few ways to take advantage of a long lead time to apply foresight and avoid the scramble: 

  1. Reflect While It’s Fresh. While the event is still fresh in your mind, jot down ideas you would do differently or avoid altogether for next time. It may be hard to revisit the event so soon after it’s over but try to devote some time to reviewing the outcome so that you can leverage the experience to make it even better next year.

  2. Take Stock Of Your Numbers. Take inventory of supplies and materials leftover from this year’s event. Did the numbers expected match the amounts ordered, or did you order too much / not enough? Help yourself forecast quantities for materials and supplies by assessing these numbers. Also, you may be able to re-use some extras, so take stock of those, too.

  3. Make Note Of Important Dates. From your notes, create a master list of items to order. Include the dates when the order should be completed, and make sure to note any early bird discounts. Part of a successful event will be a well-managed budget, and these discounts matter. Don’t miss them! This is a major advantage to planning early. 

  4. Connect With Your Vendors. Keep your vendors’ contact information organized and stay in touch. Create a folder for your event and add websites, names, and phone numbers so that you have easy access to the information. Reach out once you have your timelines in place. It will ease everyone’s stress to avoid scrambling to fulfill an order.

Get Started Right Now

Most vendors know when their offers will be available and will help you pencil in these early bird discount dates. At Fair Publishing, we offer early bird discounts from October 1 – December 31st. When you order ahead with us for the next year, you get to take advantage of savings and cross off tasks from your list. Planning ahead will get you farther, earlier. Don’t wait!

Start Planning your event now and take advantage of our early bird discounts that start on October 1st and run through December 31st.

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