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Timeline Prevents Events From Going Astray

March 10, 2022

Much like the ferris wheel at your county fair, there are many moving parts to planning an event. Whether it be ordering ribbons for the livestock shows, advertising fliers for a car show, or custom awards for the end-of-year school ceremony, having a structured plan is crucial for staying on track and making sure everything is in place for your big day (or week).

Clarifies Advanced Scheduling

Having a timeline captures all the details and scheduling necessary for a successful event. A planner can use a timeline to clearly identify and establish milestones ahead of time, breaking the planning into steps and stages. For a large event like a horse show to a smaller event such as a school competition, a timeline helps note fixed due dates and upcoming tasks to avoid missing important steps in the planning process.  

Booking components such as the location, judges, or guest accommodations, all require a firm date to finalize contracts and reservations. Adding these types of non-negotiable dates to the timeline bookmarks these milestones so that you can then establish flexible deadlines around them. 

When you order custom awards created by Fair Publishing, we always ask about the event date and when our customers need materials in hand. Fitting award ordering into your timeline allows for you to focus on other aspects of your event while we take care of the production and shipping so your awards arrive on time. 

Improves Vendor Relations

Events, like fairs, carnivals, and shows, often include vendors in their setup. When it comes to working with the vendors, advanced notice and due dates help them provide timely services. Whether it's ordering rosettes and trophies or securing food items, a timeline will help ensure you both are completing tasks on time. 

Methods That Work

Like a grand, outline of the project, a timeline for a fair, show, or event is both a guide and checklist for any event planner that can make the difference between a smooth affair and utter chaos. 

At Fair Publishing, we understand the formula for a well-planned event, and we’re here to help. In addition to working with a timeline to get supplies well in advance of your event and guide our deliverables, we can fill in any blanks. We can brainstorm and help pick the right type of awards to fit the occasion, and we are available to consult for any customization that can make the award even more special and unique.

It’s easy to start working with Fair Publishing and plan a custom award for your event. Simply contact us with the details you have about the event, and we will work with you to fill in the rest.

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